Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bag-Boy and the Powers that be.

Today started like every other day for Bag-Boy, he combed his hair and tied his trusty sketchers tight enough so they won't fall of as he zips across the parking lot of Brookshire’s. Today was like every other day indeed, however Bag-Boy felt the air of uncertainty settle upon him as he approached the metal and glass sliding doors that lead to eternal joy and tranquility. Brookshire’s had always been Bag-Boy's safe haven, a place where he could be himself and help anyone in need. The patrons of Brookshire’s could always count on Bag-Boy to be there to reach the items located on the highest shelves, to catch a weary customer just moments before they fall to the floor. Some say that Bag-Boy even had special powers; they say that he could leap from isle to isle or over two maybe even three isles if he wanted. People said that they saw him dash off to get a customer an item only to return in an instant with exactly what the customer had asked for. What many people didn't know is that Bag-Boy's powers far exceeded what the patrons of Brookshire’s had seen, Bag-Boy could stock an entire milk case in two seconds flat (while mopping the floor, and polishing his shoes - after all you have to have shiny shoes to impress the patrons of Brookshire’s.
The day continued and still Bag-Boy couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't as it should be. Could it be the unusually thick perfume of Madam Bloomswat, or could perhaps the way old Mr. Sullivan seemed even more bothered and cranky than he usually was. Finally deciding to focus his full attention to the patrons of Brookshire’s Bag-Boy sacked seemingly endless buggies of groceries with delicate ease. Careful not to bruise the fruits, squish the bread, or smash an egg, Bag-Boy was simply the best anyone had ever seen - ever.

to be continued...


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